About the Chef

François Savin is a 37-year-old French private chef who currently resides on the French Riviera. With a passion for traveling, he has had the opportunity to work with seven Michelin-starred chefs and prestigious establishments worldwide.

Since 2016, Chef Savin has gained extensive experience as a private chef, catering to clients with the highest standards. He collaborates on intimate gatherings in private residences as well as larger, high-profile events.

His culinary journey began in 2005 when he graduated from Lycée Raymond Mondon in Metz, France. He commenced his career in his home country, working at renowned establishments such as Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, 1 Michelin star, Restaurant Georges Blanc (a three Michelin-starred restaurant) in Vonnas, and the prestigious Château Saint Martin (a two Michelin-starred restaurant) in Vence, where he worked alongside Chef Yannick Franques.

After gaining valuable experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Savin felt the desire to bring his Mediterranean background, inspiration from his travels, and extensive knowledge to his own clients in a more personalized manner. Currently, he exclusively serves as a private/personal chef along the French Riviera, covering areas from Saint Tropez to Monaco, as well as the French and Swiss Alps. Additionally, he is available for further destinations upon request.

Cooking Services

Chef François Savin is dedicated to design an exceptional dining experience that effortlessly combine sophistication and surprise, leaving his guests utterly delighted. His culinary artistry is a fusion of influences from his Mediterranean roots, his explorations across South East Asia, and his classical French training.

His cuisine places a spotlight on the finest locally sourced, seasonal, and natural ingredients, underscoring his unwavering commitment to impeccable techniques, vibrant flavors, and culinary finesse. Chef Savin’s all-encompassing service encompasses every aspect from ingredient procurement and meticulous preparation to impeccable presentation and detailed explanations for each dish. Furthermore, he ensures that your kitchen remains as spotless as if it were untouched, with his meticulous attention to the cleaning process.

Chef Savin is available to create the perfect dining experience for any occasion, whether it’s an intimate romantic dinner for two or a gathering with a group of friends. The chef will tailor the menu and setup according to your preferences, ensuring that every detail is customized to your desires.

Additionally, Chef Savin offers his services as a permanent chef for individuals or households. In this role, he takes on the responsibility of managing stock and supplies, as well as designing daily menus that cater to your specific tastes and preferences.

Chef Savin understands the importance of privacy and seamlessly integrates into your event or home, ensuring that his presence does not disrupt your daily routines or habits. Your comfort and satisfaction are his top priorities, and he works discreetly to ensure a memorable dining experience without intruding on your personal space.


Private & professional events

Chef François Savin also offers his culinary expertise for professional events such as receptionsexhibitions, and seminarsgalas, as well as openings and exhibitions.

The Chef offers a high-end catering service that is customized for all private receptions on the French RivieraWeddings, anniversaries, baptisms, end-of-year meals, gatherings with friends, poolside buffets, garden parties, gourmet snacks

How does it work ?

Get in Touch with the Chef

Please Call or use the Contact Form to submit your request and contact detail to get in touch with Chef Savin. 

Menu Proposal & Review

Chef Savin will develop a customized menu based on your preferences and dietary restrictions.  

Shopping, Preparing & Serving

On the day of the event, Chef Savin will source all of the groceries and prepares in your kitchen. Your meal is served at the table.

 Full Clean Up

Cleaning and ensuring that your Kitchen will be left spotless and looks exactly as it did when the Chef arrived.

As a Private Chef, it is a great pleasure to share tastes and flavors from my travels and experiences, but above all to share the freshness and finesse of dishes, which I hope you will find worthy of the best gastronomy establishments.

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